Monday, August 20, 2007


The birdhouse auction,"There's No Place Like Home", held by the Princeton Community Housing will begin on September 30th. Creative people in the Princeton area are working hard to get the birdhouses in by the deadline.
Pins & Needles will be entering 2 birdhouses. One of which will be knit and the other needlepoint. Beth, Anne and I were in charge of the needlepoint. This only seemed fitting because we all like to needlepoint and Anne has a soft spot in her heart for birds. How many birds does Anne have now...8 or 9? The birdhouse was first made out of plywood and then we made templates to fit the sides, grass, and roof. After we stitched till our fingers were sore, Beth began to add embellishments. She thought, the more "stuff" the better and I could not agree moreAt first, we were very sceptical about the whole idea. However, as the idea took shape, we grew more and more pleased with ourselves (we have to toot our own horns.....right?)
It was well worth the endless days and nights of stitching on nothing but the birdhouse. Just don't tell us if it doesn't get any bids.
Thanks, Beth and Anne, great teamwork! I hope the Princeton Housing Community has a successful auction.

PS... I'm sure you are curious to now what the knitted birdhouse will look like, well, we are too.

When Kathleen unveils her creativity, I will hopefully be able to share it with you.